What if his suitcases were all packed?

By Lynne Cory

What if my grandson, who recently died, was finished with his human experience and chose to go home?  What if he had an inner feeling that he would not be here to an old age?  What if he lived every day he had on Earth to the fullest?  What if he is with loving people and helping guide us from the other side?  What if I can see him in all of the ravens and blackbirds that surround me everywhere I go?  What if he can really see now how much we all adore him?   for JOSH

What if I learned something?

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by Lynne Cory

What if in every situation in my life (an angry fight with another, a scary money shortage, a big disappointment at work, a devastating loss of mate, a rejection from my family member) I asked myself, “What am I to learn from this?”

What if everything is in perfect order for my lessons and growth?


What if I am wasting time?

By Lynne Cory

What if I am worrying that my older parents don’t have much time left and I “should” do more with them?

What if they lived a lot longer and I have wasted precious time worrying when I could have enjoyed it?

What if they were happy with their life and knew I loved them dearly and were fine without me underfoot 24/7?