What if I twisted it at both ends?

By Lynne Cory

What if I have an amusing process that seems to work? What if when someone is giving me a problem, I imagine a fine mesh, golden, tubelike net coming down over the top of them which I twist at the bottom to contain their energy. Then whatever they try to spew at me bounces right back onto them as it can not get past the net?

What if Karma is just vibrations matching?

By Lynne Cory

What if you steal from him and put yourself in the stealing vibration and then thieves are drawn to you and steal your stuff?

What if you give to others and are in the generous vibration and draw many generous people around you who give you more stuff?

What if you are distrustful of others and with your vibration, people cheat you?

What if we are loving and forgiving and find ourselves surrounded by gentle, kind people?

What if fixing one will fix the other?

By Lynne Cory

What if his father continually criticizes him about everything he does until it almost drives him mad?  What if he criticizes his girlfriend about her job search, her car choice, her political views and her clothing choice until she wants to run for the door?

What if he began to see the positive traits and loving heart of his girlfriend and soon his father began to see all of the good qualities that he had?

What if we avoided the black hole of dispair?

By Lynne Cory

What if parents who give all of their love and attention to their children and little to their spouses find themselves in a big void when the children leave home?  What if these needy parents impede their children’s growth by begging them to stay at home so the patents will not be lonely?