What if it is not a new bicycle I want?

By Lynne Cory

What if I speak with the little child inside myself and ask if there is anything she needs to prosper and grow? Do I want more time alone, to draw, go on a bicycle ride, to laugh and dance and sing or cry or scream? What if I sit and process and feel and find a way to converse with this innocent child to find what she needs? What if my inner child knows what is lacking but my adult self often does not?

What if I created my vision board?

By Lynne Cory

What if my vision board helped the Universe bring me my desires because I was focusing on certain things I want? What if I put it away because now my order has been placed? What if it is like ordering a stack of pancakes and a scrambled egg, and the cook now knows what to bring me and it will arrive at the perfect time?

What if I knew a secret?

By Lynne Cory

What if someone told me something about another person’s 25-year-old child that was very serious?

What if I kept this information to myself because it would serve no purpose except to worry the parents who could do nothing to change the situation?

What if at the proper time, the information was unfolded in the correct way by the correct person?


What if we all took a bow?

By Lynne Cory

What if when my life is over, I watch myself as well as everyone else who was with me (good or bad) come out on the stage and bow to the audience? What if my life has been one movie in a series of on-going shows? What if we are all actors playing a part, learning as we go? What if in my last play I was a wealthy tyrant and this time I play a humble candle-maker? What if no one ever says boo?

What if the doctors just couldn’t win?

By Lynne Cory

What if one of my friends went to the doctor and got a diagnosis that scared them for weeks until it was proven incorrect and they are mad for the scare?

What if another friend went and was told everything was fine but it was not and they are mad about the oversight?

What if these situations brought the families closer?

What if I can take off my sunglasses at last?

By Lynne Cory

What if fear is a vibrational frequency that can vibrate higher and brighter and stronger than most other frequencies? What if it can dim the bright light of the pure vibrational frequency? What if like-minded people of the Light coming together, staying in the moment, can overshadow fear? What if these people stay away from the fear-filled media and instead spend the time in meditation or in nature?

What if the uniform is the first step?


by Lynne Cory

What if a subtle way of controlling people is to have them all dress the same? I think of school uniforms, military uniforms, the clothing of Red China, police and firemen, men’s suits and ties, prison clothing, religious and medical uniforms, etc. What if once they can get the outside the same then they can begin to shift the inside? What if this is “not” always a bad thing?

What if I twisted it at both ends?

By Lynne Cory

What if I have an amusing process that seems to work? What if when someone is giving me a problem, I imagine a fine mesh, golden, tubelike net coming down over the top of them which I twist at the bottom to contain their energy. Then whatever they try to spew at me bounces right back onto them as it can not get past the net?

What if Karma is just vibrations matching?

By Lynne Cory

What if you steal from him and put yourself in the stealing vibration and then thieves are drawn to you and steal your stuff?

What if you give to others and are in the generous vibration and draw many generous people around you who give you more stuff?

What if you are distrustful of others and with your vibration, people cheat you?

What if we are loving and forgiving and find ourselves surrounded by gentle, kind people?